So #Reid2Write Featured A Romance Writer… Me!

So I just got featured over on Aidan J. Reid's blog and I'm afraid I was a bit wacky in my answers! I even managed to spill the beans about where to find my latest novel, In Love With A Young Man!


Featured Author: Pam Bloom

Whole New World[s] is Pam Bloom's debut novel, the first in The Parallel Universe Adventures trilogy. Aimed at Young Adults, it is a science fiction adventure about a boy who discovers the universe is not quite as simple as he thought.

Featured Author: Barry Alexander

I began my writing journey as a poet. As a young soldier, I wrote a short collection of poetry based on my first overseas tour on active duty in Bosnia. I entered a few of these into competitions and sought publication but without success. While I focussed on my career, these poems, handwritten on parchment paper sat gathering dust in various drawers and boxes as I moved from posting to posting. I did not pick up my pen until 2011 when I saw an advertisement in a national newspaper for modern war poets to enter a poetry competition. That weekend I wrote a series of poems that drew on my Afghanistan experience and submitted them. The experienced proved cathartic and I found that from then on, I had to write.