This Writer Thing…

With the Rio Olympics going on, there’s no silence in our tiny house until after the father and son finish their Olympics viewing ritual.  It’s enough to drive a writer crazy because that means from morning till night, there is no quiet time for this mom with a kid still on summer vacation.  I’m literally counting the days.

So if you’re wondering why I have been quiet the last few days, it’s because every free moment I can steal from being a mom is spent writing the ending of my current novel.  It kinda makes me wonder if this is why most successful authors don’t blog regularly (unless you’re Chuck Wendig who has an amazing post about 25 Reasons Why I Stopped Reading Your Book).  They’re too busy writing their books!  Then I wonder if they’ve got Personal Assistants (PA) or Virtual Assistants (VA) who help them do everything.

Sure, I’ve got days when I wonder why I’m doing this writing thing when I could be working.  And whenever I see a Help Wanted sign in my neighborhood, I often find myself wondering what if I took that job.  It could pay a few bills, that’s for sure.  But I’ll revisit that when the kid’s school year starts in two weeks and I find out how it feels to have a kid in first grade from 9am to 3:30 pm.  To be honest, I probably would be in shock that first week and not know what to do with myself.  Motherhood is honestly still jarring to me sometimes.

Then I receive something like this and I’m reminded why I’m sticking to this writing thing.

File Aug 17, 9 21 24 PM

Because it makes me happy.  It helps me understand my world, and lets me speak my truth.  And I’ll keep doing this writing thing until the cows come home and that fat lady sings…

Why do you keep doing “this writer thing?”





2 Replies to “This Writer Thing…”

  1. I don’t know. Honestly, I should stop doing this writer thing because it doesn’t get me anywhere. However, my readers keep wanting me to update, but they never comment on my chapters. Pointless!


    1. I wouldn’t say it’s pointless. Whether they comment or not, if it makes you happy to write, you should write. That comment I posted was one comment on a 3-year-old completed story that barely gets any comments at all. That’s why it stood out and reminded me why I do this writing thing. I am honestly the most miserable person on this earth if I don’t write. It’s the only way I can process things – fictionally. One of my clients has amazing memory and I’ve inspired her to write down her memories and boy, are they vivid and what a life she’s lived so far. Sadly, I don’t have much memories of my life because years of abuse taught me to forget most everything and not process them live. But through fiction, I do.


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