So, I’m on Cosmo!, the website, that is (which is still, technically, a magazine, right?), and not even me, Liz Madrid, but my blogging and original writer alter-ego, Morrighansmuse (I know, it’s confusing).  But it’s actually pretty exciting!

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If you want to read the excerpt click on the image, or this link which will take you to Cosmopolitan and from there, you can read the ongoing story on Wattpad where I still post some of my current WIP (works in progress) to my readers.

Some of you may wonder why I would post my ongoing stories on a free site like Wattpad and that’s an excellent question.  I honestly have no answer for you that will make sense, business-wise, for an author starting out but I also don’t want to talk about that in this post either and kill the buzz.  I did write about Wattpad a few months back here.

In Love With A Young Man is the story I’m writing to get back that feeling of joy I used to feel when writing something from the heart.  Hard to believe, but I lost it this year when I found myself immersed in the world of book marketing and promotions (and away from any blogging or poetry), and this is the story that has brought it back for me, word by word, line by line.

And this time, I’m not letting it slip me by.


7 Replies to “So, I’m on Cosmo!”

      1. Thank you for responding to me^^ It’s funny you should mention that. I recently decided to take a break from Wattpad and focus on writing my stories for myself. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Barry. Even I can’t keep up with my alter-egos. Sometimes I wish I could have just written under Morrighan Muse and be done with it, but to me, it was strictly a blog name and nothing more. Now I have to get used to being back to Liz Durano again, but at least, it’s definitely closest to the real me 🙂


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